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Hot Tub Water Care

Maintaining crystal clear spa water ensures you and your family can safely enjoy your hot tub whenever you want to!

New & Used Spa Outlet is your local one-stop-shop for everything you need to maintain proper hot tub water balance.

FREE Water Testing

Leave your hot tub water chemistry to us!

Simply bring in a water sample and we'll test it in minutes. You'll receive the results which you can use to pick up any of our Sirona Spa Chemicals needed. Or take your results home to use as a reference guide to add spa care products you already have on-hand.

Maintaining your proper water chemistry doesn't have to be complicated. With our help, you'll be a pro in no time!

Spa Chemicals

New & Used Spa Outlet is Iowa City's exclusive provider of Sirona Spa Chemicals.

Sirona is synonymous with exceptional spa care. Born from years of industry expertise
and innovation, Sirona offers what every spa lover wants—safe, simple and effective spa water