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Winter Woes and Hot Tubs

Front Desk | 21 December, 2022

            Winter Woes and Hot Tubs

As an Iowa blizzard is looming at the same time as we're closing through our winter break, we are reminding people of some simple things that can be done to either prevent problems from happening during this time or mitigating damage that is done if the worst does happen.

    • Lock your covers down and set something with some weight to it on both sides of the cover. With 50-55 mph winds predicted you will want to make sure those covers don’t fly off. This could damage, not only the cover, but also the cover lifter, the panels that the lifter is attached to and potentially allow your tub to freeze with the -40-degree temperatures that have been predicted.

    • If your power has gone off and is restored, but your tub won’t come back on, try resetting the breakers. If it still won’t come back on, do not drain the tub. Put a small portable heater in the equipment bay. It should have an automatic shut-off, don’t allow the heating element to touch anything, and set it on medium. Then keep an eye on it and keep your cover on. Call for service right away. If they are on vacation, leave a message so they receive it right away when they are back in the office.
    • If snow packs around your hot tub, this is another layer of protection from the wind. Just make sure that it does not pack in front of the equipment bay so that you or a technician can have access to that area.
    • If your tub is still working but your heater quits, try removing your filters and letting the tub run without them. If your temp comes back up, your filters need to be replaced. Just allow the tub to run without them until you can get new ones. You won’t want to go too long without them, but it’s more important that your tub heat during this critical time. It’s a good idea to always have new back up filters ready for when you need them.
    • If your circulation pump is still working, the movement of the water will help to prevent it from freezing even if it is very cold outside.

    • Worst case scenario is if you cannot get service, you’ve tried putting a heater in it, but the frigid temps are just too much and your tub freezes. Depending on your policy, your homeowner’s insurance should kick in. Hopefully the company you bought your tub from will help you work with the insurance company to prove that the tub froze due to the winter conditions. Attempting to do the previous suggestions such as locking your cover and heating the equipment bay will show that you have attempted to prevent further damage and that it did not freeze due to negligence.
    • There are wi-fi connected thermometers that are made specifically for watching your tub temperatures. These can be set to alert you if your water drops below a preset temperature. You can also see at a glance on the phone app that your temp is fine rather than having to go out in the tundra to check it. Once it warms up a bit then you can visually inspect.

    Hopefully these tips will help you weather the storm, save you headaches, wasted time and MONEY!