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Spa Sense - Saving You Spa Cents

Front Desk | 21 October, 2022

            Spa Sense - Saving You Spa Cents

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October 2022

So You Want A Hot Tub - What Now?

Having a new hot tub may be your dream, but before you begin, there are some things to be aware of that can save you money down the road.

Having a new hot tub may be your dream, but before you begin, there are some things to be aware of that can save you money down the road.
1. Site – Where do you plan to put a tub? When you head out to look at tubs, know what will fit and what won’t. What foundation will it have? Concrete, rock with pavers over top? Do your homework on this. It will save headaches down the road and save you money in the long run if you don’t skimp on this part.
2. Electrical requirements – Tubs have differing needs. Is it a 110 or 220v power? Do you need a straight 50 or 60 amp service or does it need to be split into a 20 and 30 amp breakers? Quite likely you will need a certified electrician to hook up your tub. Account for this expense when calculating the cost of getting started with a hot tub. Again, this is an area that you do not want to try to do yourself. You would be amazed at how many times people attempt to hook up their own tub, only to do it improperly. This can cause a massive amount of damage like having to replace a circuit board when you haven’t even used your tub yet. Doing it properly the first time will save you loads of frustration and save you money on expensive repairs.
3. Upkeep – There will continue to be expenses associated with having a tub. There will first and foremost be service that will be needed occasionally. This is unavoidable and will happen, whether you have purchased a new or used tub. Plan for this and don’t be upset when it happens. It’s all part of hot tub ownership. Just like you can’t expect your car to never need service, you can’t expect to run your hot tub without needing a little something now and then.
There will also be chemicals and filters that are part of weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance. Cost of this will vary depending on how much use the tub is getting, how many people are using it, and if some of those are children. You can expect $300-$500 a year for chemicals. And if you treat them right, your filters could last a year or more.
4. Extras – Find out what is and is not included when you purchase a tub. Sometimes it will include everything; cover, cover lifter, stairs, delivery, start-up chemicals. Be aware that if your delivery is difficult, it could cost more than anticipated. They may need to get additional equipment such as a crane or telehandler to get your tub into tight spots, or if your tub is very large such as a swim spa. Plan for this additional expense.
These are just a few areas to think about before beginning to look for a tub. Once you’ve done your homework and get the answers to these questions, you can have confidence that you are indeed saving money before you ever spend money on your dream tub.

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Written by Dawn Evans
New & Used Spa Outlet


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