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Questions to Ask & Answer When You're Buying a Hot Tub

Front Desk | 18 November, 2022

            Questions to Ask & Answer When You're Buying a Hot Tub

Being prepared will save you time and effort when you are going to shop for a hot tub. But there is such a mountain of information out there when searching online! How do you know what’s important and what isn’t? Here are some things to ask the salesperson, but also questions they may ask you.


  1. Do you provide service? What are the steps to go through to get service? How long does it typically take to receive service?

We get calls every day from people that cannot get service from the company they bought their tub from. Those great deals turn out to be not so great when it comes time to service your tub.

  1. What makes your company different from others?

One of the first things they should say is customer service. We live in a world where customer service has taken a back seat to self-serve. While it might speed things up at the grocery store check-out, it is not ideal when it comes to your hot tub.

  1. They should be able to tell you:
    • What is needed electrically? 50- or 60-amp, 20/30-amp split, or 110v?
    • What are the average costs of energy, chemicals, and filters?
    • Will they assist if you need help getting and keeping your spa balanced?
    • What does the price include? Cover, stairs, cover lifter, delivery, startup chemicals?
    • Will you continue to offer service after the warranty period?
    • Do you take trade-ins? If so, what value?
    • Will they hook up the tub or will you need a licensed electrician to do so?
    • Do I have to hire a certified electrician, or can I do the work myself?

Know that doing the work yourself could void your warranty or can cost you down the road because if improperly wired, you may need a new circuit board, one of the most expensive parts on a tub, or worse yet; a whole new tub!

Now for questions the salesperson may ask YOU:

  1. How many seats do you need?
  2. Do you want the tub for therapy, for fun or a little of both?
  3. What kind of space do you have? Be prepared with dimensions!

     4. What kind of foundation will you have? Concrete pad? Gravel with pavers over the top?

     5.What kind of budget would you like to stay within? Be reasonable!

6.  Will you need the tub to be delivered or will you be picking it up yourself?

7. Do you have a dedicated electrical box already? Do you know what existing size breakers you have? Do you have an electrician lined up to hook up the tub?

8. Will you need financing?


Choosing the right hot tub for you should not be painful. An experienced salesperson should want you to choose what is right for you and will help navigate the information highway to avoid costly mistakes along with way.