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Are You a New Car OR a Used Car Kind of Person?

Front Desk | 06 January, 2023

            Are You a New Car OR a Used Car Kind of Person?

You might wonder what that topic may have to do with hot tubs. Knowing the answer to that can help you avoid frustration and possibly save you a great deal of money when purchasing a tub.


In the examples to follow, we will tell you what our company policy is. If you are purchasing elsewhere, you will want to know what their processes are and what warranties there are, if any.


$ USED TUBS (Like used cars)- Our tubs have gone through extensive testing and a strict refurbishing process and have been cleaned inside and out and are ready for their new home. All our tubs come with a warranty, even the used ones. These may have dings from normal wear and tear, but if the function is the most important thing to you rather than appearance, a used tub may be right up your alley. (It's a classic!)



$$ LAST YEAR'S MODELS (Just like last year's model cars) - These tubs may have never been owned before but since they are last year's models, will not be sold as NEW. This results in savings directly to you, the customer! These may have a longer warranty than used tubs, but not as long as a new tub. The benefit with this is the savings you get in price. These will have the new tub look without the price of new.


$$$ NEW TUBS - You are the first owner. Think of that new car smell! New tubs have the advantage of longer warranty periods and brand-new parts. If looks are important to you this may be the type of tub for you.



In summary, expecting a new tub at used tub prices or a used tub that looks and acts like a brand-new tub will only lead to disappointment and frustration. Know the type of person you are, embrace it, and buy the tub that you will love for many years to come.